Technical Resources

An index of documents, tools and other resources to help you explore Zilliqa’s blockchain platform and build your DApp.

Our Whitepaper

Technical details about Zilliqa’s platform and sharding technology

Our Position Paper

Non-technical details about Zilliqa’s platform and sharding technology

Zilliqa design story part 1

“Network Sharding”

Zilliqa design story part 2

“Consensus Protocol”

Zilliqa design story part 3

“Making Consensus Efficient”

Smart Contract
SCILLA Documentation

Smart contract language Scilla’s detailed documentation

SCILLA Technical paper

Technical paper outlining key design principles of Scilla---an intermediate-level language for verified smart contracts.

SCILLA design story part 1

“Why do we need a new language?”

To Be Announced
Mega FAQ

This document is a compilation of questions that have been asked by the ZILLIQA community members across different channels.

Financial Grant

Zilliqa has announced the details of a $5 million grant programme for teams and individual developers.