For Developers

Learn about the tools, reasons and incentives to build on Zilliqa’s blockchain.

Why build on Zilliqa

Scalability and Low Fees

Zilliqa can handle higher traffic volumes at lower fees, while maintaining strong security

Dev Tools

Zilliqa offers a rich array of tools for developers

Financial Grants

Zilliqa offers grants to the developers for projects for the community


Dev Tools

Tools that makes the process of developing dApps easier

Savant IDE

A standalone IDE to quickly write and test Scilla contracts in a simulated blockchain environment.

Zilliqa-JS Library

A Javascript library to interact with the Zilliqa network nodes - Create wallets, deploy contracts and invoke transitions interact with smart contracts.

API Documentation

JSON-RPC APIs for developing dapps.


Zilliqa Explorer allows you to search the Zilliqa blockchain for transactions, addresses, tokens, throughput and other statistics.

Testnet Wallet

The testnet wallet allows Developers to create accounts, transfers ZIL and request ZIL from the wallet’s faucet.


Grant Declaration

#BuildOnZIL: Introducing the Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant Programme

First Wave Awardees

Learn the details of the first wave of the awardees and their projects.

Second Wave Awardees

Learn the details of the second wave of the awardees and their projects.