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Our partners.

Zilliqa has partnered with some leading corporations to develop decentralized applications.


Programmatic advertising suffers from ad frauds and too many intermediaries that reduce the value that the advertisers get for their money. Mindshare is using Zilliqa’s blockchain to tackle these issues.


Infoteria Corporation is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol 3853. It engages in the development of software, such as data integration middleware that supports automation of operations through non-programming technologies.

Technical partners.

The high-security decentralized database that scales with your users.

Genaro Network

The First Blockchain 3.0 Ecosystem Built on a Turing-Complete Public Chain with Decentralized Storage.

Powered by Zilliqa.

Zilliqa powers some of the leading and pioneering blockchain applications on the platform.


View, vote, fund and support your favourite media projects in a de-centralised ecosystem and marketplace.


Smart Contract Insurance transacted at lightning speed, full clarity, and at much lower costs than ever imagined.

Impetus One

Using behavioural economics to incentivize its users to complete fun missions.


Breaking the payment barrier to give users in emerging markets access to information and entertainment.